A Thousand Lifetimes

A Thousand Lifetimes will resonate with everything you knew, and hoped, was true. Here is the very real story of one woman’s life with rescue animals, and in particular, Celeste — a beloved Canine who found a home in the author’s heart and never left.

A Thousand Lifetimes Maria Reich

If you ever loved a dog…

If you ever believed in a power beyond your understanding…

Celeste was plagued with a number of mysterious health problems. But despite being deaf, and being a dog, Celeste was able to communicate everything she was experiencing, thinking, and feeling through Carol, a professional Animal Communicator with the ability to converse with animals telepathically.

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Meet the Characters


A happy go lucky fellow. Born in 1989 he lived most of his life on the same 2 acres in Upper Greenwood Lake, NJ.


So named because she is heavenly, but we just call her Celeste. Adopted from West Milford Animal Shelter Society when she was 18 months old.


Sweet as syrup and wild as fire, she dominates all things. Adopted from Treasure Coast Humane Society in Stuart, FL when she was 16 months old.


A very, very, good dog – the best really. Adopted from Best Friends Animal Society when he was about two years old.


Tiny little sweetheart found lying in the road too weak to run away when she was about 8 weeks old.


Lacey’s true love. Rescued from a feral cat colony at about 6 weeks old.


Hit by a car and left for dead on a cold icy night. He was rescued from this precarious state by Phil.


Wound up in rescue twice as his first adopted mom returned him for being too affectionate!

Maria Reich

Author, Certified Canine Nutritionist, Co founder of The Pet Health & Nutrition Center.

Carol Harrison

Has been hearing the voices of the animals and nature since she was a child. For the last thirty-five years she has been providing information and guidance to humans and their animal companions through the use of telepathic communication, Reiki healing, Mer-Ka-Ba healing, and shamanic techniques. Carol is also well known for her assistance in the death process, as well as house blessings and energy clearings for homes, people, animals, and land.  Carol currently resides in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.

Phil Reich

Master Herbalist and founder of The Pet Health & Nutrition Center.

About the Author

Maria Reich is a certified canine nutritionist, and co-owner of The Pet Health & Nutrition Center. She has trained in Canine Science and has worked with animals for decades. She specializes in helping support animals with an impressive array of disorders using holistic protocols, including nutrition, herbs, whole food supplements, homeopathic remedies and other modalities for natural healing.

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